Old Site News Archive, 2005

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12-28 Buffalo Creek flood film to be included in National Film Registry
12-22 New Look for Coal Impoundment Web Site
12-18 Witness to history: A reporter looks back at some of the most memorable moments in West Virginia politics
12-17 Vivian Stockman: Massey at center of its 'total environment'
12-14 'Clean coal' dirty, groups say
12-14 Sidney Coal cited by state
12-12 Booster Pump Failure Results in Slurry Spill in Coal River Tributary
12-11 Slurry spill reported at Marfork

Coal slurry spills into Raleigh creek

11-5 Massey hearing postponed again
11-4 Court to hear Massey shutdown appeal
11-3 Recusal unnecessary, DEP says
11-2 Massey wants justices to toss DEP’s suspension of permit
11-2 Court Hears Massey Subsidiary Case  Click here to listen to audio from this hearing (mp3)
11-1 Massey mine returns to Supreme Court over permit suspension
11-1 Massey wants Starcher off case; Company says justice's remarks make fair trial impossible
10-28 W.Va. leaders working to prevent threat of flooding
10-21 Marchers protest coal industry
10-20 Coal industry leaders meet at arena
10-15 Feds repeatedly cite slurry impoundment
10-14 The Fallen Legion
10-13 Coal plays part in lives of all Kentuckians
10-13 Manchin did not order silo action, DEP says
10-12 Coal liquefaction plant likely, Arch chief says
10-11 Few outward signs remain of Eastern Ky. sludge spill; Lawsuits continue five years later
10-11 Kentucky coal sludge disaster; Mostly gone, but not forgotten
10-9 Critics say Ohio EPA response less than adequate
10-5 Massey Energy Honors Environmental Award Winners
10-4 Manchin review finds no problems at Raleigh elementary
10-1 Coal-fines utilisation future
9-21 Reckless disregard; Settlement doesn't clear coal firm, MSHA
9-20 Coal firm settles sludge spill suit; Torrent in 2000 killed fish, blackened land
9-20 DEP orders Massey operation to shut down after slurry spill
9-20 More families settle coal-waste lawsuits
9-19 Attorneys settle lawsuit over coal sludge spill
9-16 Property damage suit begins in Martin sludge spill
9-16 Coal-sludge spill lawsuit will go to trial Monday in E. Ky
9-15 Coal sludge case scheduled for trial next week
9-11 Is West Virginia Prepared for a Katrina-Style Disaster?
9-10 Mining board postpones hearing on silo permit
9-1 Conservationists Demand Apology For "Black Tuesday"
8-27 Marsh Fork air quality unknown; State never tested school for coal dust, chemicals
8-26 Slurry spill contained
8-26 Spill of coal byproduct kills stream wildlife
8-26 School near coal prep plant opens without a hitch
8-26 Coal Slurry Spill Cleanup Continues
8-26 Slurry Spill In Captina Creek
8-26 Raleigh school near coal preparation plant to open as scheduled
8-20 Public radio’s dam story was a ‘scare tactic,’ Massey says
8-19 Cool and refreshing; Burnwell man vows to protect his stream
8-17 MSHA, DEP find no problems at Massey dam in Sundial
8-16 Massey dam leaking, feds say
8-16 Massey impoundment (WV Public Radio) Click here to listen to this report (mp3)
8-9 Group wants boundary violation notice in silo case
8-8 Frequency of spills requires crackdown
8-7 Massey 'trying to play a role' to keep W.Va. government in line
8-7 Marsh Fork Elementary air testing finished; Humidity level only problem found
8-7 A harsh reminder of the price we pay for our way of life
8-6 Indypendent: Coaltown Crusade
8-4 W.Va. regulators closes Massey operation after slurry spill
8-4 Blackwater spills into Logan County stream
8-4 Curtain of secrecy; Mine safety info kept from press, public
8-2 Suit by Massey in W.Va. says governor retaliated; Permit for coal silo rescinded
8-1 Coal companies cited for black water spills
7-31 State buffer rule weaker than federal
7-30 Blankenship downplays coal silos' importance
7-29 Rally to fight mountaintop removal
7-29 Massey to appeal DEP silo order
7-29 DEP sets timetable for demolition of Massey silo
7-27 Manchin stands by DEP actions in wake of suit by Massey chief

W.Va. regulators cancel coal silo permit near Raleigh school

7-27 Massey silo permit revoked; DEP says silo is out of permit area, orders removal
7-27 Coal titan Blankenship sues Manchin
7-25 OSM to probe state reviews of mine permit revisions
7-24 Battle at Marsh Fork Elementary Continues
7-22 State cites coal company after sediment flows into river
7-22 State cites four coal companies for polluting streams
7-22 Logan mine spills coal slurry into river, creek
7-22 Line break spills coal slurry into two waterways
7-21 Manchin defends DEP on Massey silo permit
7-20 Dueling demonstrations in Raleigh; Location of silo near elementary school is at center of controversy
7-20 EOC: Plan in place should Marsh Fork pond fail
7-17 DEP criticized over Massey silo; Complaints of proximity to school ignored, boundary advances overlooked, Raleigh residents say
7-17 Marsh Fork, Massey battle leaves teachers with their own concerns
7-17 Massey, DEP making a deal
7-17 Calmer voices must prevail in Massey-CRMW battle
7-16 DEP halts Massey silo project; Maps show facility outside site’s original permit area
7-16 DEP suspends disputed Massey permit
7-16 Coal Silo Permit Suspended
7-15 At least six Knight Ridder newspapers carried this 7-5 Akron Beacon Article
7-14 Big Creek waters victimized again
7-14 OVEC continues fight against sludge impoundments
7-13 Work started without permit; Massey began construction on coal silo before approval
7-13 Marsh Fork teacher wants peaceful resolution
7-13 Marsh Fork Teacher Speaks Out
7-12 Massey Energy Writes to Sludge Safety Project Member
7-11 Marsh Fork is big test for Gov. Manchin
7-11 Roberts Concerned About School
7-9 RAISING THEIR VOICES: Protest targets Massey
7-9 Protesters target Richmond-based coal giant
7-9 Anti-coal protesters take fight to Richmond
7-9 Coalfield residents air concerns over Massey site
7-9 Coal Mountain; Summary of today's Mountain Summer Justice protest.
7-9 Hundreds march on Massey Energy headquarters
7-8 Massey responds to Capitol meeting
7-8 Concerns voiced over Goals Coal sludge dam
7-8 Manchin staff hears mine-school complaints
7-8 Gov's Office Fact-Finding On Marsh Fork
7-7 Manchin Says DEP Permit Not Under Review
7-7 Officials tour Marsh Fork facility
7-7 DEP passed Massey permits before residents were heard
7-7 School crossing; Grandad on guard
7-7 Protesters ask for help from Manchin
7-7 State Tours Possible Replacement for School
7-7 Alternative for Marsh Fork school site toured
7-6 Grandfather ends Capitol sit-in over Massey plant
7-5 Environmental activists, coal industry battle over mountaintop mining
7-5 Grandfather Refusing To Leave State Capitol
7-2 Manchin Got In The Game Too Late
7-1 DEP approves Massey permits near school; Manchin had promised to hear complaints
7-1 Massey permits approved; W.Va. OKs second coal silo near school despite opposition
6-30 Coal River residents outraged over coal permit approval at elementary school
6-30 Protest set July 8
6-30 2 arrested as Coal River group visits Massey headquarters
6-30 Locals Arrested At Massey Protest
6-30 Two arrested in protest at Massey; Activists seek closing of firm's coal-mining complex near school in W.Va. town
6-29 Coalfield citizens arrested delivering demands to Massey headquarters
6-29 Coal River Mountain Watch pleased with Manchin meeting
6-29 Group to take concerns to Massey headquarters
6-29 Group to demand meeting with Massey officials
6-23 Report details contamination in some Mingo wells; Study says some well water has enough lead to harm children
6-20 Protesters face coal association president with slurry dinner
6-18 Mountaintop removal spurs competing rallies
6-9 Environmental groups report vandalism, harassment
6-3 Blackwater spills into Elkhorn Creek
6-2 Arrested Massey protesters issued citations, released

There is no such thing as clean coal


Mountaintop Removal Protests Continue  (The News Standard)

6-1 Sixteen Arrested at Environmental Rally (WV Metro News- includes audio)
6-1 16 arrested while attempting to deliver demands to Massey (MJS)
6-1 16 People Arrested In Mine Protest  (WBOY and WTRF)
6-1 State Police arrest 16 at Massey site (Channels 8 and 11)
6-1 State Police arrest 16 at Massey site (The Daily Press)
6-1 16 arrested at Massey site (Register-Herald)
5-31 State Police arrest 16 at Massey site
5-27 Residents speak out against Massey permit
5-25 Two protesters arrested at coal prep plant
5-25 Coal mine noise, dust protested; Two arrested for trespassing on Massey Energy property
5-25 For the sake of the kids; West Virginia Residents Confront Massey Energy
5-25 Two arrested after protesting Massey facility near school
5-25 Is a man with a bullhorn adequate flood warning?
5-25 Environmentalists Rally
5-24 Two protesters arrested at coal prep plant
5-24 Raleigh County Protest
5-11 Feds end criminal probe of slurry spill; No charges filed in Massey dam failure
5-7 Coal-sludge dam hazardous to school, public
5-3 Labor History Film Festival Planned; The South Charleston event will feature two documentaries about the impact of coal mining.
4-26 Minding the mountains

Would Jesus put a dam above school?

4-23 Study: Research should be required for slurry permits
4-23 Slurry task force seeks to protect the environment
4-23 Governor Fletcher Releases Report On Black Water Spills
4-19 Sludge isn't pretty stuff
4-13 Speaker recounts slurry spill horrors
4-1 Fact o’ Sludge
3-24 Tech gets $12 million grant to research coal slurry uses
3-18 Raleigh judge upholds Massey permit suspension
3-13 Groups use sunshine laws to probe coal industry
3-11 School’s in and S is for Sludge
3-9 Buffalo Creek Disaster and American Minor
2-25 Great Lakes o' Sludge!
2-25 Miners arrested near Massey plant; UMW protests loss of pensions, health care and union jobs
2-24 Mountain Defender; With fierce faith, Julia Bonds works to save the land and people of West Virgina.
2-23 Coal Mine Black Water Release Fouls East Kentucky Creek
2-22 Black water spill fouls portion of eastern Kentucky stream
2-21 Jack Spadaro; Mountaintop removal: Mining practices must change or ecosystem will be destroyed
2-18 Toxic Lakes of Goo and You
2-18 Coal sludge spills into Pines Creek; 40,000 gallons blacken miles of water; resident wants stiffer fines
2-18 Cleanup Begins on Raleigh County Sludge Spill
2-17 Sludge Spills Into Raleigh Stream
2-10-05 Manchin calls for cooperative leadership Governor says united effort essential to propel state forward